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Market Hall Kassel

Image Copyright: Jörg Humburg

Opening Times Market Hall:
Thursday a. Friday from 7am - 6pm
Saturday from 7am - 1pm

Opening Times outside :
Thursday a. Saturday from 7am - 1pm

Image Copyright: Jörg Humburg

The in 1593by Hans and Hieronymus Müller build royal stud gave many people the impression that that is the real Kasseler town palace. Apart from its exposed location opposite the Brüder-church, the Weser renaissance style with its typical volute gables and the quarry-stone walls with borders, cladding and mouldings in freestone contribute to that.
After the war the ruinhas beenbeing totallyrebuild inside in 1964 and slightly outside.Apart from the Market Hall it houses also offices of the town administration, like the town archive.The Market Hall has been redesigned in 1994. Both sales floors are being connected with a central positioned new staircase and the lower floor gets natural light through a ceiling opening. The roof is being glassed with clear panes and has a sunscreen.

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